Treatment for ADHD in Denver

Whether you are a teen or young adult struggling with school, or you are established in your career and looking to make life a bit easier, finding the right therapist can be a game-changer.  While everyone is different, and has individual needs, there are some trends that tend to occur in my treatment of ADHD.

  • Are you trying to force yourself to play by the rules of those around you instead of finding systems that work for you?  Many people with ADHD find themselves in this frustrating situation without even realizing it.  Let’s find a way to do things in a way that work for you, and don’t leave you feeling exhausted.
  • Let’s look at the relationships in your life, and see which one’s you are happy with, and which one’s you are not.
  • What have you been conditioned to expect from yourself and from others?  The answer may surprise you…  What happens when you can let go of those expectations?

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