Anxiety & Depression

Treatment for Anxiety and Depression in Denver

One way of viewing Anxiety and Depression is as an emotional component of one’s relationship with time; Depression having to do with how we relate to the past, and Anxiety having to do with how we relate to the future.  A key component in addressing these states involves working with a client’s relationship to the present, as well as their relationship to self, and the world.

Although everyone is different, and every treatment plan is tailored to meet the immediate needs of the individual, there tend to be some trends in how my treatment for anxiety or depression works.

We start with stabilization (based on the protocol developed at the University of Kansas).  I’m not going to ask you things like and how does that make you feel.  Instead, we’re going to work on immediate needs necessary for functioning and -as much as possible- immediate relief of presenting symptoms.

The next phase involves helping you to be your strongest and most resourced.  Finally, once stabilized and resources, we move into the deeper work which is meant to address and resolve some of the causes of anxiety or depression.

There is more information about how therapy works on the About Therapy page.