Clinical Interns

Welcome, internship candidates. I am accepting applications at this time. To apply, please send verification of registration or LPCC status with the DORA (click here to create a profile), proof of insurance (I recommend ACA student membership, which comes with malpractice insurance), a letter of interest, and at least one letter of recommendation to:

Samuel Kohlenberg, LPC
852 Broadway STE 200
Denver, CO 80203

Please indicate whether or not you are enrolled at the Gestalt Institute of the Rockies in your letter of interest. Enrolment at GIR is encouraged but is not required. Feel free to contact me for more information.

I strongly recommend that people who hope to be licensed in Colorado take the NCE (which is required for licensure) as soon as they can. This test can also be used to apply for the National Certified Counselor credential. To schedule your test, click here. The exame handbook is abalible here. For those who are interested in the NCC credential, please be advised that NCC status will require graduation from a CACREP Accredited Program Beginning in 2022. At present, graduates of CACREP aligned programs are still eligible. The

Internships offered include an unpaid masters level clinical internship with the possibility of a paid position upon completion. The internship program is twelve months long and is based in experiential learning.

Click here for the Jurisprudence Examination Guide, and here for the Model Mandatory Disclosure Form.

LPCC Placement: The LPCC Placement is available to those who have successfully completed the internship. It is a paid clinical position, and offers supervision and contact hours meant to fill the gap between graduation and licensure, with the aim of preparing the clinician as much as possible for independent private practice.

LPCCs can find the DORA application for LPC Candidate Registration by clicking here. LPCCs are also expected to be familiar with the COLORADO STATE BOARD OF LICENSED PROFESSIONAL COUNSELOR EXAMINERS RULES, which can be found here. Please note that these rules were published in 2012, and that there have been changes since that publication date (for example, HB13-1104 which passed in 2013 repeals the requirement that mental health professionals provide disclosures verbally).

Interns will have their own profiles on this website, which they are free to keep for as long as they are willing to offer a sliding scale.

Please click here for my Clinical Supervision Disclosure Statement.