About Therapy

I’ve always loved Rube Goldberg machines. The domino hits the toaster which sends the flyswatter into whatever comes next… Part of their appeal is being able to see a complex system do something very simple, and knowing that if any one of the components fails to work, the process will halt.

Fortunately for us, humans are a lot like Rube Goldberg machines. There are many components that have to come together for people to experience something like anxiety, for example. If we can find a way to interrupt the mechanisms that make the process of anxiety occur at ay one of the steps then anxiety will stop happening, just like a crucial domino failing to fall.

The dominos:

-Things and people that impact you.
-Your body, how it works psychophysiologically, and how your behavior impacts your mind and vise visa.
-What you believe and how you relate to self, other and the world.

Using Gestalt as a starting point is to embrace a philosophy instead of relying on a series of tricks or techniques. Central to my understanding of this philosophy is that people grow and heal in relationship. The clinical relationship becomes a tool with which a client’s relationship with self, other, and world is addressed.

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